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High-Performance Driver education & Time trials

Learn to Race with NASA

We are proud to partner with the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) to bring the excitement of NASA racing to Louisiana.

This partnership brings a well established and nationally recognized racing program to our park. All races will run within NASA classes and rulebooks allowing racers to travel across the country and race if they so desire.

Your first weekend Starts at $360

Get on the track

Upcoming NASA Events



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Test and Tune Before the Big Weekend

Need to get your vehicle track ready?
NOLA Motorsports hosts Open Track Days the Friday before every NASA Weekend so that you know you're in top shape before you hit the track. 



Choosing your Run Group

NASA Weekends are designed so that drivers are placed in fun and challenging groups that match their experience.

High Performance Driver Education (HPDE 1-4)

Learn to Road Race through HPDE Courses. Students are separated into four run groups according to experience level. There are no speed limits in any of the groups, and the novice drivers are assigned instructors for safety reasons.

Time Trials (TT)

In the Time Trial Program, racers compete for fastest lap against other cars in their class. More information can be found at the NASA Time Trial Website

Race Groups

Fight for position, door-to-door against up to 50 cars in 20 and 40 minutes races. The race is decided by position: an Overall First Place Finisher, then podium placement based on vehicle class. 

High Performance Driver Education Run Groups

IMPORTANTRead our HPDE Pre-Requisites. You MUST understand these guidelines before signing up, or risk penalty.


  • HPDE-1

    HPDE1 is where it all starts. If you've never been on track before or would like to be guaranteed an instructor, sign up for HPDE1. If this group is full and you have not previously been signed off to run in a solo NASA group, please do not register to run in a higher HPDE group - you will not be allowed to run in a solo group.

    Contact Ryan Martin
    (R.Martin@nolamotor.com) to be added to the HPDE-1 waitlist.

    $360 for the weekend


  • HPDE-2

    HPDE 2 is for drivers that have been signed off to drive on their own. Normal passing rules apply. If we have instructors available, you can request to have an instructor ride with you. 

    $340 for the weekend

  • HPDE-3

    Saturday will slowly work up to additional passing by the end of the day. Sunday will be a continuation, starting with limited passing everywhere in the first session and then very quickly picking up the pace in the subsequent sessions. This should better prepare drivers for HPDE-4. Sunday only entries should be aware of this. At many NASA NOLA events, there will be one planned "drill" during the weekend to help drivers experience certain advanced aspects of track driving and better prepare them for TT or HPDE-4.

    $340 for the weekend


  • HPDE-4

    Only advanced drivers with open passing skills are permitted in HPDE-4. All HPDE-4 drivers who are new to NASA must be pre-approved by the HPDE-4 Group Leader or Chief Instructor before being allowed to drive in this group.

    $340 for the weekend


Time Trials

Compete for the fastest lap time against cars of the same class.
TT is open passing, and for experienced drivers only. You must possess a NASA TT license to be in this class. If you need to apply for a license, take care of that as soon as you can by clicking here.

$340 for the weekend

Race for 1st place

Racing Groups

Up to 50 cars will fight for position in 20 and 40 minute races on the North Track. You MUST have a competition license for this group.

Racers, please enter early so that we can properly divide the groups. If you don't know which class to enter, please refer to the NASA Pro Racing website page.

$340 for the weekend


Safety Protocol

Racers must wear head and neck restraint devices bearing an SFI 38.1 certification. As of January, 2020, a racer's 10-second fire drill will be mandatory once per calendar year. Driver must be in car engine running in full gear and be able to exit the car within 10 sec


Nasa-racing-groupJPG 2-1

Cancellation and Non-Attendance Policy

If you wish to cancel your registration, please contact Ryan Martin (r.martin@nolamotor.com). Our standard policy is to give you a full credit for a future NASA NOLA event with 48 hour notice, good for one year.
72 hour notice is required for HPDE-1.

If you want a refund, you must cancel via email at least 7 days prior to the start of the event (there will be a $25 fee). If you cancel your registration with less than 7 days notice to start of the event and you want a refund, you will receive a 50% refund. If you are a no show, no refund. Once your car has hit the track, no refund.