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The goal for NOLA Motorsports Park 2021 is for the Park to reach full potential. As we make  facility improvements and tune business practices, there will be significant changes.  The first focus of our attention is our Karting facility. We are using this time to restructure our Arrive and Drive program. This necessitates postponing our Sprint Kart Championship until further notice. with hopes of reinstating the SKC series for a small season towards the middle to end of this year. 


The Karting Membership program will also be suspended for the time being. Your remaining balance will be turned into credits and entered under your racer profile in ClubSpeed. These credits can be used towards the arrive and drive program or any scheduled TNT sessions. 


After analyzing our Membership programs we have determined that is in the best interest of our customers and the Track to end all Membership related programs at this time. Between the lingering Pandemic and the rebuilding of our facility, we are currently unable to provide the level of service a Membership Program requires. We understand this is an inconvenience to all Members, but hope that in the future we will have the ability to bring back a product that delivers top-level customer service, and invaluable experiences. 


Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We look forward to a new and improved NOLA Motorsports Park with your continued support.