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Update from 3/22/2020:

*please be aware that many (all public) events are postponed or canceled until further notice*

Covid-19 Procedures

Given the large outdoor space at our facility and that drivers are contained within their own vehicles, we are able to allow drivers to still enjoy motorsports, while practicing social distancing. However, under the direction of government agencies and our on-site medical director, we are making several changes to our operations to ensure that we are following all recommended safety precautions. 

Participants will be asked to leave the park without refund
if any of our safety guidelines are not followed.


Drivers must complete 3 safety requirements prior to the event or they will not be allowed entrance into NOLA Motorsports:

1) Digital Waiver at www.nolamotor.com/waiver
2) Online Tech Form completed for your vehicle at www.nolamotor.com/tech
3) Registration for the event through MotorsportsReg 24 hours in advance.


  •  We are providing a safe & responsible outlet for social distancing - adhering  to CDC’s recommended public health policy.

  • We are currently limiting the attendance for our events to 50 vehicles.


  • Everybody must register before the event and must register online before arriving at the security gate. Day of registration will not be allowed.


  • If someone arrives at the security gate without a signed online waiver or with someone in their vehicle that has not signed an online waiver, they will be asked to pull to the side and complete the online waiver at www.nolamotor.com/waiver before being allowed to enter the facility. Every person who enters the park MUST have filled out an online waiver.


  • People must stay in their own cars as much as absolutely possible.


  • When you arrive at the security gate. Security will verify the names of every person who has filled out the online waiver, registration, and tech forms. Security will also slide you pertinent event information and apply temporary identification stickers to your windshield.


  • Security Personnel will have a mask, gloves, and disinfectant.


  • Drive to your designated activity surface and choose a location on the paddock which must be 2 full parking spaces apart from each other. We will have our team guide you to your designated parking space. (DO NOT park in a space that is not designated for your event)


  • Registered guests must maintain a 10-foot distance from other guests that did not come to the park in the same vehicle - that includes vehicles, tent set ups, and more.


  • Because of the rising infection rate in New Orleans, participants cannot socialize with any other event participant during the event. This includes sharing tools, conversing within a 6-foot distance, or standing too closely to each other.


  • Driver’s meeting will not be held in person. Necessary documents will be handed out to relay all necessary information or online whenever possible.


  • Participants are asked to use the bathroom one at a time. Ample soap and disinfectant will be provided and strongly encouraged. Bathrooms will be disinfected every 30 minutes.


This is a very fluid situation so be understanding if we have to adjust to accommodate for our rules and regulations. Our staff is always committed to the safety of our community. This is our chance to keep our doors open and serving the community.


Please be safe.


For other questions, please complete the form below. Be patient with response times, we are getting an overwhelming level of responses. 

COVID-19 Questions