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NOLA Motorsport's operational STATUS: 

The Park is Open


  • We are closely following CDC guidelines wherever possible.
  • Check the calendar below for upcoming events & track time opportunities.
  • Arrive & Drive Go-Karting re-opened on June 20th. For the time being, all heats must be reserved in online.
  • Spectating events is allowed again!


Covid-19 Safety Procedures

Before you head out for your event

Drivers must complete these 3 safety requirements on their own prior to the event or they will not be allowed entrance into NOLA Motorsports:

Precautions & Safety Measures:

  • Increased Sanitation Measures – Our staff will constantly wipe down common areas and wear masks when interacting with the public. 

  • Digital Waivers – We've brought our waiver system online to cut down on contact. Please sign the waiver on this page if you plan on coming to the park.

  • Mask & Helmets – Masks are required inside at all times. On the paddock, whenever you are interacting with folks other than someone you are cohabitating with, you must wear a mask or helmet. These are also required when you come to registration.

  • Distancing – On the ground in areas with heavy foot traffic, you will see dots painted on the ground every 6 feet. Please keep your distance from others at all times.

  • Driver's Meetings – Driver's meetings will be held over the intercom system or digitally when possible (attendance is still mandatory).

  • Support Crews, Guests, & Ride-Alongs – This varies per event but, in general, all support crew will need to be checked in ahead of time with our staff.

  • Day-Of Registrations for Events – These will no longer be allowed in order to reduce miscommunication and unnecessary contact. 

  • Security – When you arrive at the security gate. Security will verify the names of every person who has filled out the online waiver, registration, and tech forms. Security will also slide you pertinent event information and apply temporary identification stickers to your windshield when necessary.

  • Parking – Drive to your designated activity surface and choose a location on the paddock which must be 2 full parking spaces apart from each other. We will have our team guide you to your designated parking space. (DO NOT park in a space that is not designated for your event)

  • Bathrooms - Participants are asked to use the bathroom one at a time. Ample soap and disinfectant will be provided and strongly encouraged. Bathrooms will be disinfected every 30 minutes.

Upcoming Events

Events are subject to change without notice.