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Pellegrini Performance Group Talks Shop

Posted by NOLA Motorsports on Dec 28, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Pellegrini Performance Group (PPG) in Madisonville, La. is a family-owned business and a close friend of the track. We asked them to tell us more about what they do, and why they're passionate about cars and racing.

Pellegrini Performance Group

Roberto Guerrero, Jay Pellegrini Jr., and Davy Jones during SVRA. Image courtesy Pellegrini Performance Group.

NOLA MOTORSPORTS: Tell us about the business. 

PELLEGRINI PERFORMANCE GROUP: In the summer of 2015, after more than 30 years of tinkering with cars in his home garage, Jay Pellegrini, Jr. founded Pellegrini Performance Group (PPG). The idea was to replicate the garage and car storage facilities he had at home, but on a larger scale and for commercial purposes. 

Do you have a typical client, or do all different kinds of people work with you?

We cater to all brands of car enthusiasts. Anyone from the hot-rod street racer to the classic car collector. We get excited when our clients enjoy racing as much as we do. It really is addicting.

Pellegrini Performance Group

Image courtesy Pellegrini Performance Group.

Who's involved in the business? What are your roles?

PPG is a family business. While Jay Pellegrini, Jr. enjoys working in the shop one or two days a week, Jay’s son, Jay Pellegrini, III runs the day-to-day operations. Jay’s daughter, Lauren, is in charge of marketing, and her husband, Charles, runs the accounting office.

Do you have a favorite type of car to work on?

While we enjoy working on most any car, we love working on race cars. One of our favorite jobs is packing up the rig and driving to the racetrack with our clients to provide track-side support.

Pellegrini Performance Group

Image courtesy Pellegrini Performance Group.

What do clients most often ask you when they come in for the first time? What type of feedback do you get post-service?

Our typical client expects a high level of service. We strive to treat our customers' cars with the same level of care and attention to detail that we give our own cars. We are not, and they are not, satisfied with anything less.

How did PPG get involved with NOLA Motorsports? What do you like to do at the track?

Jay Pellegrini, Jr. has been a member at NOLA Motorsports since its inception. PPG likes to consider NOLA our second home. Obviously, we love track time and race events (NASA, SVRA), but we also enjoy setting up the rig for other events, like NOLA Speed & Style.


Video courtesy Pellegrini Performance Group. Can't see the video? See it here: http://www.ppgcars.com/#!our-work/camj.

What service or services are people surprised to hear that you offer? 

While our most unique asset is our all-wheel-drive DynoJet, most people don’t realize we also perform standard services like alignments and rotating tires.

Pellegrini Performance Group

Image courtesy Pellegrini Performance Group.

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