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Welcome to the New School: Introducing Fast University

Posted by NOLA Motorsports on Jun 10, 2016 9:22:24 AM

New Orleans is known for world-class food and music. World-class parties. World-class hangovers.
But karting? That’s unlikely to come up no matter how many people you ask.

The truth is, New Orleans is a world-class karting destination. The kart track at NOLA Motorsports is the biggest in North America. The head honcho out there? IndyCar driver Jay Howard.

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And like any speed-hungry drivers worth their motor oil, the team at NOLA Motorsports refused to back off the throttle.

Jay and his squad are pushing the program even further with the introduction of a ground-breaking program that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.


Fast University

Fast University at NOLA Motorsports ParkDrivers are invited to sign up for a free karting program that takes them from Freshman to Senior year with free perks and fierce races at every step of the way.

The program kicks off with “Student Orientation” – a day of free karting where incoming Freshman hit the track in a mad dash to establish a pecking order. Freshman will also get a student ID and access to Fast U apparel.

Students advance to the next class once they hit a certain amount of races and visits. Level up and collect prizes like free t-shirts, discounts on kart rentals, and more. Make the Honor Roll and get coaching from Dr. Speed himself, Jay Howard.

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The Most Prestigious Karting University in Louisiana

Want in? Enroll here.


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