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Check “Drive Formula One Car” Off Your Bucket List

Posted by NOLA Motorsports on Jul 14, 2016 2:27:20 PM
Phil Stratford, 98 Benetton B198, leads Roberto Garcia in similar car.

NOLA Motorsports Park is excited to be hosting a truly “bucket list” experience this August as former Formula One driver Allen Berg  brings his GP Racing Experience where you can drive an authentic  Formula One car on our track.

Since an experience like this is so unique we decided to try to answer some questions that you may have about this car and this “once in a lifetime” program.

Tell me about the car.
Benetton B 198 capabilities include:

– Judd 4.0 L V-10, 730hp @ 11,000 rpm
– Top speed 200+ mph
– 0-120 mph in 3.8 Seconds
– 4.5 G cornering, 2500 lbs downforce @ 180 mph
– 5.0 G deceleration, 200 mph – 0 in 4 seconds
– 6 Speed, semi-automatic, paddle shift
– Carbon fiber brakes


But I’ve never driven a racecar before.
No previous racing experience is necessary, however drivers should to be able to drive a manual transmission as the Benetton is fitted with a foot clutch used for launch, then all shifting is done via the paddle shifts.

I don’t think I could even fit in that thing.
At the moment we expect to set a maximum driver sizes of 6’4″ and 230 lbs.

Tell me about the actual program.
Each program will incorporate the following:

  • Guest Arrival
  • Sign In
  • Driver Safety Equipment fitting
  • Initial welcome and classroom briefing
  • Track drive / introduction with instructor explaining lines and details on the track
  • 30 minute lead follow track sessions in school racecars
  • 30 minute classroom session outlining vehicle dynamics, handling
  • 30 minute open lapping session in school racecars
  • Lunch
  • Drivers briefing outlining operation and controls of Benetton B 198

Benetton Driving Experience

For the Two Day program drivers will be assigned a specific time slot from driving of the F1 car, either on afternoon of August 19 or throughout the day on August 20 & 21. During their assigned slot each driver will receive a 45 – 60 minute session in the Benetton which will include:

– racecar fitting
– radio check
– final instructions
– start procedure
– launch
– 5 laps
– photo session in Benetton

We find that offering an assigned timeslot allows us to work more personally with each driver, to maximize their experience in the Formula One car. It also eliminates drivers waiting around to take their turn. All drivers are certainly welcome to stay for the full event, however this format allows drivers the option to experience the other attractions in the New Orleans area.

Drivers will find that 5 laps is the maximum time in the car that they will be able to handle at one time, as it is a very intense experience, both physically and mentally. The first two or three laps (depends on performance of each individual driver) will be following an instructor at high speed then waived past to complete the remainder of the session lapping by themselves. During the F1 drive no other driver will be on track, apart from instructors.

We may offer optional additional laps after everyone has completed their initial round. Following their time in the Benetton each driver will receive a personal data debriefing session comparing their performance in the Benetton to other drivers.

Click here for more information on booking

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